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  • Breloc metalic - Believe - Matthew 19:26 Breloc metalic - Believe - Matthew 19:26
  • Breloc metalic - Believe - Matthew 19:26 Breloc metalic - Believe - Matthew 19:26

Breloc metalic - Believe - Matthew 19:26

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USD: 8.71
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Disponibilitate: Stoc limitat

Dimensiuni 5 cm corpul brelocului, fără inel; 8,5 cm cu inel
Material metal
Text: Believe + Matthew 19:26
Culoare roz ciclam


Breloc metalic pătrat. Pe una dintre părți are scris cuvântul „Believe” (Crede!) cu litere aurii, pe un fundal roz intens.

Pe partea din spate are gravat versetul din Matei 19:26, în engleză: „With God, all things are possible” 


  • 5 cm (corpul brelocului, fără inel)
  • 8,5 cm brelocul împreună cu inelul de prindere
  • design pătrat
  • pe partea din față fundal roz intens, însoțit de cuvântul „Believe” în auriu.
  • pe partea din spate, Matei 19:26, în engleză


Having belief in God’s faithfulness can sometimes be a challenge. Trusting and knowing that the Lord has everything under control can seem intangible at times. This key ring, with a vibrant and bold pink epoxy filled front, encourages users to keep their belief. The backside of this key ring has the verse from Matthew 19:26, “With God, all things are possible.” A great gift to give someone that extra little bit of encouragement, this key ring will be a reminder through anyone’s day, to keep up the faith, believing that God will work all things out for His glory.

A great gift for her, this key ring makes an encouraging gift for mothers, daughters, sisters or friends. This key ring is subtle and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet also carrying such a powerful and encouraging message. The split metal ring holds keys, charms, scan cards, IDs, or flashlights. 

  • Key ring With Hanging Tag
  • Epoxy-filled Front with Scripture
  • Stamped on Back
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